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There are two large areas where I plan to focus my efforts – education and veteran’s affairs. As an educator and retired Navy submariner I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of these two issues.  That being said, I will look to the voters of House District 101 to define other issues of concern. With the mindset that “We the people” will collaborate and maintain an open lines of communication. Because I believe in the principles of the Constitution, I understand that their concerns must be my concerns.



Education must begin and end in the classroom. It is important to reduce administrative expense and redirect funds to the classroom.  As an educator I fully understand that we must make the classroom environment conducive to teaching so that it will ensure student success.  Administrative burdens have hurt students and made teachers leave the profession.  The focus of teachers’ attention has been on a testing regime so rigid that it threatens to destroy teachers’ intrinsic motivation and their ability to address the full range of student difficulties that can only be diagnosed by creative teachers, student-by-student.  We must transition away from an irrational faith in the ability of standardized tests to inspire greater learning, and even further away from what is called social emotional learning.



We have all seen the stories of homeless vets and long lines to health care. It has become an embarrassment to our country and the state of Texas. It is not enough to post on social media, and to thank veterans for their service. We must assess the damage, and formulate a plan for caring for these men and women who have served.


One large problem is health care coverage without health care access. Many physicians are concerned that contracting with Tricare has become such a lengthy process. Access to specialists in slim to none. Some caregivers who have submitted requests to become Tricare providers, have been waiting nearly a year and have not yet been accepted. No health care provider results in no access to medical care.


Our homeless Veterans must be contacted and we must assess how they might be helped. Texas has some of the top people in the field of psychology and neurology, brain injury, PTSD, and other Veteran issues. I plan to consult with these leaders in Veteran’s care and formulate a plan to aid our Veterans. Texans will jump in and help, but many just need to know what they can do.


I have multiple areas of interest, and the ability to assess problems and solutions. I hope to use those skills to serve Texas and HD101.

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